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Vanilla Cream & Coffee Bean Sugar Scrub is a conditioning all over body exfoliant designed to help remove dead skin cells for healthier and brighter skin.


8oz glass jar


Ingredients: organic raw sugar, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, cetearyl alcohol, sodium cetearyl sulfare, roasted coffee oil, vanilla absolute, tocopherol (Vitamin E),phenoxyethanol.


Recommended Use: In shower, massage scrub into clean, damp skin and rinse away. Caution: may cause tub to become slippery.


Pacaking: product comes packaged in 8oz glass jar. Jars can be returned to Silver Market Co, 215 6th Street, Point Pleasant, WV 25550 in exchange for a 10% bottle return discount on purchase order.

Vanilla Cream & Coffee Bean Sugar Scrub

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