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Our body butters are an ultra rich moisturizer made for extra dry skin. Butters are made of 100% plant oils best applied after a shower/bath for quicker absorption. 


Storage and transportation:

Product should be stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight to increase shelf life. Butters will soften in temperatures 80 degrees F or higher.


Ingredients: shea butter, organic coconut oil, mango butter, sunflower seed oil, Vitamin E, essential oils.


Orange Bergamot: sweet orange e.o., bergamot e.o.

Key Lime Pie: key lime e.o., lemon e.o., vanilla absolute

Lemon Meringue: lemon e.o.

Honeysuckle: vanilla absolute, geranium e.o.

Vanilla Grapefruit: vanilla asbolute, pink grapefruit e.o.

Lavender: lavender e.o.

Ginger Lemon: ginger e.o., lemongrass e.o., lemon e.o.

Candied Tansy: vanilla absolute, ylang ylang e.o., pink grapefruit e.o., blue tansy e.o.

Rosemary Eucalyptus: eucalyptus e.o., rosemary e.o.

Chai: cinnamon e.o., clove e.o., nutmeg e.o., vanilla asbolute


Packaging: product comes in a 4oz glass jar. Jars can be returned to Silver Market Co, 215 6th Street, Point Pleasant, WV 25550 in exchange for a 10% bottle return discount on purchase order.

Body Butter

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