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Silver Market Co. hand crafts skin care products made from 100% raw and natural ingredients. Our products are free of toxins, GMOs, parabens, sulfates, artificial dyes and fragrances. 

Crafted for sensitive and problematic skin, we use only the finest ingredients including pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, earth clays, herbs & botanicals. 

About Our Products

About Our Products


Silver Market Co excludes all artificial dyes from skincare products. Bath bombs, soaps, and scrubs are colored using natural earth clays and other organic matter. Synthetic colors are known to be human carcinogens that irritate skin, probably because they are derived from petroleum and other unnatural sources. While some people have no reaction to dyes, it is still unclear as to what long term affects these may have on our overall health. As a result, SM Co chooses to leave them out. We also find that natural pigments are much more beautiful, so our customers aren't missing out.


A lot of natural soaps and skincare products use synthetic fragrance oils to enhance the product scent. Compared to essential oils, fragrance oil is much more concentrated and does not fade over time. Fragrance oils are chemical concoctions that are known to irritate allergies, respiratory issues, dermatitis, and has even raised concern over reproductive issues. In order to promote the healthiest products that we possibly can, SM Co only uses 100% pure essential oils which provide lightly scented products as well as offering added benefits to the skin. 


This chemical compound can be found in over 80% of cleaning and skincare products. Most often, it is added to soaps, shampoos, and bath bombs to increase lather and bubbles. SLS is known to be a skin, lung, and eye irritant and is suspected to be the result of other issues such as kidney and respiratory damage. SM Co doesn't find an abundance of bubbles to be worth the potential risks, so we don't use SLS, either. Fortunately, our bath bombs are still fizzy and our soaps are still "bubbly". 


Parabens are preservatives that are used to prevent bacteria and mold from growing in food, pharmaceutical and beauty products. While SM Co is definitely not an "anti-science" company, we believe this ingredient can be avoided. Parabens have estrogen mimicking properties that have been linked to breast cancer. Until we know for certain that parabens have no long term effects on our health, we would like to offer products that are paraben-free. Truly natural skincare products will not have a long shelf life and should be used up within 3 to 6 months depending on their base. Natural skincare companies create in small batches avoiding water based products. Ever wonder why most natural skincare companies only create oil-based moisturizers? Water breeds bacteria, so we aim for products that are hydrophobic in order to prevent bacteria from growing without the use of parabens. No worries, though. Oil based products make for better moisturizers with loads of nutrients to promote healthier, glowing skin.

Detox Your Pits!

Detox Your Pits!