What We Do

Silver Market Co. hand crafts skin care products made from 100% raw and natural ingredients. Our products are free of toxins, GMOs, parabens, sulfates, artificial dyes and fragrances. 

Crafted for sensitive and problematic skin, we use only the finest ingredients including pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, earth clays, herbs & botanicals. 

We're located in the heart of Appalachia where two rivers meet. On the banks of Point Pleasant, WV, Silver Market Co. has found joy and possibility in creating a sustainable and community-driven business model. We planted our roots where it was hardest for us to grow, but we're sharing an experience with the people we love most in a place we've always called Home.

Silver Market Co. is dedicated to the revitalization of Point Pleasant and, since becoming established in 2016, has collaborated with various small business owners, artists and entrepreneurs in the region. Our mission is to create practical, ethical and effective products and to inspire others in our area, or elsewhere, to begin a creative journey of their own. 


The Silver Lining in Silver Market Co.

Silver Market Co. products were initially created and handed out as Christmas gifts. I learned best from my mother's family that the greatest gifts are handmade. Friends and family began asking for more products, and from there, Silver Market Co. evolved.

At the time, I was working as a research analyst focusing on prison reform. My job left me anxious and my creative spirit felt more suppressed than ever. Producing products became a creative outlet, and eventually allowed me to become re-involved with sustainable economic development in Appalachia, which was my focus in grad school and a life long passion of mine.

Appalachia holds a special place in my heart, and I truly believe that small business development is vital to our region's success. Silver Market Co. is more than a skincare company. It is a sign of hope and recognition that each individual can and does make a difference. Our story is just beginning, but we look forward to growing with those in our community and helping others who are also in need of a silver lining. 


Owner & Creator